President of our country Shavkat Mirziyoyev noted that the work on further reform of the health care system in the country is carried out at an accelerated pace. In particular, in order to improve the quality of emergency medical care, equipping with modern equipment and staffing with qualified personnel, the formation of a modern, high-tech and effective system, work is being carried out in one of the most important areas of medical care. In the branch of the scientific center of emergency medical care, which is newly built, there are sufficient conditions for conducting and carrying out research in the field of emergency medicine to strengthen and improve the effectiveness of methods and technologies of prevention, diagnosis and treatment. The center has several clinical departments of Bukhara state medical Institute. Students study the theory in the field of medicine, as well as directly practice the treatment process in the clinic. In this regard, on June 3, 2019 the rector of the Institute Professor Amrillo Inoyatov presented to the center a new anesthetic breathing apparatus AX600. In his speech, the rector, speaking about international relations and foreign cooperation of the Institute, invited the center's staff to such partnerships. He stressed the need to use the sufficient conditions created by our state to improve the skills of doctors abroad.
  Speaking at the event, the head of the regional health Department Ilkhom Narziyev congratulated everyone on the upcoming Ramadan khayit and noted a number of topical issues related to the sphere. He especially noted that the government and Khokimiyat region supports the organization of further expansion of the clinical bases of the Institute in all medical institutions, hospitals and clinics of the region.
  Cooperation with the Institute will be strengthened in the future, said the head of the center, doctor of medical sciences Majid Kenzhayev, - we have goals for the development of medicine in the homeland of our ancestor Abu Ali ibn Sino and attract scientists of the world.






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