Trafficking in human beings is a problem of time


In connection with the “July 30 - world day against human trafficking” July 30, 2019 in the hall of the Department of spirituality and education of the Institute together with the head of this Department, the faculty of the Department of social Sciences, Chairman and staff of the Department of the primary organization of women and Bukhara regional branch of the Republican center of social information “Istikboli Avlod” was organized a "round table". The round table was opened by the head of Department of spirituality and enlightenment Z. S. Bahranova. She stressed that in the context of today's globalization, the socio-political stability of the country, the improvement of economic conditions, the strengthening of advocacy to prevent unemployment among the population and young people and the penetration of young people in various foreign ideas, awareness-raising and preventive work among young people in order not to become a victim of trafficking in human beings, affected the reforms carried out by the government. At the same time, she recognized that vigilance is a requirement of the time, the protection of our youth from any threats is one of the most pressing issues of today, she noted that the main purpose of this event is this.

Speaking at the next meeting, the head of the Department of social Sciences Z. A. Akhmedova gave life examples, explaining the concept of human trafficking, its main purpose, crimes related to it, its negative consequences and damage caused to public life.

Assistant of the Department L. E. Gadoeva during the presentation told about the activities of the Republican center of social information “Istikboli Avlod” and its main activities, goals and objectives, as well as the work carried out by the Bukhara regional branch in order to combat human trafficking and prevent these crimes.

During the event, the head of the Department of pedagogy, psychology and languages G. N. Kurbonova, speaking to the audience, stressed that the issue of women is being addressed, and that attention to the education of girls should be strengthened not only in schools but also in every family.

Head of the office O. Nurillaeva also noted that the theme of the event is relevant today, and noted that we must be careful comprehensively, and should not be indifferent to the behavior and education of girls working in the departments, it is responsible for the heads of all departments.

During the event, the participants were shown a video about crimes related to human trafficking. After the video, which was shown, the employees expressed their opinion.


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