On June 6, 2019 rector of the University of Polonia (Poland) Professor Dr. Andrzej Kryński visited Bukhara state medical institute named after Abu Ali ibn Sino. Professor Andrzej Kryński was at the reception of the rector of our institute Amrillo Inoyatov and expressed his satisfaction that he is in the homeland of the great thinker Abu Ali ibn Sino (Avicenna), in ancient Bukhara. Rector Amrillo Inoyatov acquainted the guest with the history of Bukhara state medical institute, educational programs, teaching staff, students, new campus of the institute that is being constructed at this moment, focused on the cooperation of our institute with many foreign universities and research centers. It was noted that there are prospects for cooperation in a number of areas, including with the Polonia University, on views were exchanged. In particular, starting from the new academic year, it was agreed to establish a joint master’s program in the direction of “Social medical service” at the Bukhara state medical institute and with the Polonia University, as well as training courses within the mobility program for the faculty and students of our institute in the direction of “Higher nursing” from one month to six months. At the same time, it was suggested to widely involve professors-teachers of the Polonia University in the simulation center of the Institute which is under construction, as well as in the educational process.
  The rector of the Polonia University raised the issue of establishing a hospice for cancer patients in Bukhara, financing its activities through international charity organizations such as Caritas. Together with the international charity organization Caritas in order to organize an in-depth medical examination of the people living in remote areas of our region, it was decided to purchase an emergency medical service car.
  The parties also agreed to cooperate in the framework of the Erasmus+ project in the direction of “Social medical service”.



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