On September 4, a solemn ceremony of taking the medical oath of the 1st year students of Bukhara state medical Institute took place under the statue of the great scientist in Afshana, where was born the great doctor, our compatriot Abu Ali ibn Sino.

The main purpose of taking the student medical oath is to believe in the immortal scientific and medical heritage of the great doctor Abu Ali Ibn Sina, loyalty to the chosen profession, the formation of a sense of devotion to the Motherland.

At this event, students were told that the greatest, most valuable blessing, the highest achievements that we have achieved today, the triumph of spirit and soul, the landscapes of our free and prosperous country, above all, is independence. That is why every year our people celebrate Independence Day with special enthusiasm and love.

Rector of the Institute A.Sh.Inoyatov congratulated all students on the 28th anniversary of Independence and a medical oath.

It is noteworthy that annual celebrations will be celebrated under the slogan of particular importance. This year, the holiday was held under the slogan: "Ever prosper, my dear Uzbekistan!"

You took the first important step in your life. Although this step is small, this step will determine your future. In addition to being a BGMI student, you will also spend your wonderful student years in the most modern educational institutions under the guidance of the best professors-teachers, and this will be a guidance for you throughout your life.

Despite the historical changes, the medical Institute is among the leading international universities. We believe that you-the students-are your generation, which serves to multiply the achievements achieved by ancestors.

To do this, you need to work hard, perform practical and theoretical tasks! We believe that taking into account your capabilities, hard work you will become a skilled specialist in the chosen profession in the future. We wish success to students and their parents!

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