In order to execute the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated April 20, 2017 "On measures for further development of higher education system" and Decree № PP-2909 dated June 5, 2018, "On additional measures to improve the quality of education in higher education institutions and ensure their active participation in the country's large-scale reforms", strengthening strategic partnership, rector of Bukhara state medical Institute Inoyatov Amrillo Shodievich visited Nagasaki, Japan on June 11-16 this year with a working visit, to establish partnerships with higher education institutions in Japan and to participate in the investment forum organized in Nagasaki Prefecture.

According to the program, on June 12, with the invitation of “Silverpeak Global” the rector of Bukhara state medical Institute arrived in Nagasaki, Japan.

Reference: “Silverpeak Global is Headquartered in Nagasaki, Japan, with offices in six countries - Japan, India, Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Nepal. The company operates in the fields of education, business and tourism. “Silverpeak Global” is the only Japanese company that conducts examinations in the Japanese Language J-CERT in India, and is also one of the key performers of the Japanese government educational initiative “Study in Japan”.

On June 13 the official meeting of the rector of Bukhara state medical Institute began with a visit to Kokoro medical and welfare professional college. The delegation of the Institute was welcomed by the President of the College Joji Iwanaga and its Director Yoshiyuki Fujihara. After that, the parties discussed issues of bilateral mutually beneficial cooperation at the round table.

Reference: Kokoro medical and welfare professional college is part of 10 colleges of the “Iwanaga academic group”, which trains more than 400 students in such disciplines as physical therapy, nursing care welfare, judo therapy, acupuncture and Japanese language. The College has 40 teachers. The College classrooms are equipped with modern equipment that meets all modern requirements, there is also a gym and a library. The College has a clinic for elderly care, designed for 66 beds, where students can apply their knowledge in practice after classes.






Following the talks, the parties agreed to open a branch of Kokoro medical and welfare professional college in Bukhara and in partnership with Bukhara state medical Institute within the framework of the 2+1 program to create joint programs in the areas of physical therapy, nursing and General care, sports therapy, acupuncture. A Memorandum of understanding was signed between the parties. In the month of July visit of the President of the College Joji Iwanaga to Uzbekistan is planned.




On the same day, the delegation headed by A. Inoyatov visited the University of Nagasaki. Members of the delegation were met by Vice President and Trustee of the University of Nagasaki Isao Shimokawa, Director General for international policy Masaki Ura and Professor Akihide Tada.

For reference: Nagasaki University is one of the state higher educational institutions of Japan, founded in 1857. Currently, the University has 7,500 students in Social sciences, Pedagogy, Economics, Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Engineering, Ecology and Fisheries. Number of foreign students - 576 (out of which 260 Chinese students). The University has established its liaison offices in the Netherlands, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and France, to establish academic, cultural, research and student exchanges with universities of these countries. The dental faculty of the University is known throughout the country. Nagasaki University has its own clinic, which accounts for the bulk of the University's income (47%). Today the University has established bilateral relations with 247 universities and research centers around the world.

Vice-President of Nagasaki University Isao Shimokawa welcomed the delegation of Bukhara state medical Institute and expressed confidence in the prospects of mutually beneficial cooperation. After listening to the presentations of both universities, the parties agreed to establish bilateral relations. Together with the University of Nagasaki and Bukhara state medical Institute it was decided the creation of a joint program MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery) + MBA (Master of Business Administration).

Reference: to date, the MBA+MBA double degree program is one of the most successful educational programs of a number of universities in the world, where along with medical Sciences, management and marketing of health care, hospital management are taught.

At the same time, during the negotiations, an agreement was reached on the exchange of teachers and students between the University of Nagasaki and Bukhara state medical Institute. According to this, Nagasaki University is ready to accept students of Bukhara state medical Institute for short-term courses of summer practical training. Following the talks, a Memorandum of understanding was signed between Bukhara state medical Institute and Nagasaki University. President of Nagasaki University and Vice-President of Isao Shimokava University were invited to the meeting of rectors of Uzbek-Japanese higher education institutions, which will be held in Tashkent on July 7-8 this year, and agreed that this meeting will be an official statement on bilateral agreements.

The delegation of Bukhara state medical Institute to Nagasaki University completed its visit by familiarizing with the educational process, conditions and opportunities created for students and visiting the "career Center".





On June 14, rector of Bukhara state Institute A. Inoyatov visited the government of Nagasaki Prefecture. The first Secretary of the Section of education, science, innovation and sports of the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Japan Siroj Azizov also attended the meetings in Nagasaki Prefecture. The Uzbek delegation was received by Mr. Mitsuyuki Segawa, Chairman of the Assembly of the Prefecture of Nagasaki.

Reference: Nagasaki Prefecture is one of 47 prefectures, located on the island of Kyushu. Nagasaki Prefecture includes 13 cities and 12 districts. The population is 1,348,529 people. The Assembly of the Prefecture is a unicameral local body consisting of members elected for a term of 4 years. The number of members of the Assembly of Nagasaki Prefecture is currently 46. The main objective of the Assembly is to address socio - economic and political problems at the level of Prefecture, contribution to the development of prefecture.

Chairman Mitsuyuki Segawa expressed gratitude to the delegation of Uzbekistan for the visit and expressed his opinion that this is the first step towards establishing relations between Uzbekistan and Japan. In turn, rector A. Inoyatov expressed gratitude to the Chairman of Segawa for the warm welcome. First Secretary of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Japan Siroj Azizov stressed the historical roots of Uzbek-Japanese relations and noted that today's meeting is designed to bring these relations to a new level. Rector of Bukhara state medical Institute A. Inoyatov invited the Chairman, Mr. Mitsuyuki Segawa to Uzbekistan.




The Uzbek delegation then held an official meeting with Mr. Ken Hirata, Deputy Governor of Nagasaki Prefecture. Mr. Ken Hirata expressed his deep gratitude for the visit to Nagasaki Prefecture and stressed the importance of this meeting. Then rector A. Inoyatov acquainted Mr. Ken Hidaka and the audience with the current reforms in Uzbekistan, investment potential and attractiveness of Uzbekistan, as well as opportunities for Japanese businessmen to invest in Uzbekistan. At the same time, the prospects of cooperation with the Bukhara state medical Institute were discussed. Mr. Ken Hirata expressed readiness to support any initiative in this regard.





The next meeting in Nagasaki Prefecture was held with Mr. Keisuke Yamamoto, a member of the Prefecture and city Council of IKI. The sides exchanged views on the prospects of education and entrepreneurship between Uzbekistan and Japan.





 Here, in Nagasaki Prefecture, a press conference was held with the participation of media representatives.




At the end of the meetings in Nagasaki Prefecture, Bukhara, representatives of the government of Japan, businessmen from Nagasaki Prefecture and business circles agreed to hold an investment forum Nagasaki-Uzbekistan.

On June 15, the delegation of Bukhara state medical Institute headed by rector A. Inoyatov visited the medical center of Nagasaki Minato (port). The delegation was met by the Deputy Director of the Nagasaki port medical centre, Mr. Dr. Shunsuke Mori.

Reference: Nagasaki Port medical center is one of the 513 leading medical centers in Nagasaki. Work is carried out in 30 medical departments on (1) emergency medical care, (2) inpatient care, (3) pediatric and perinatal care, (4) tuberculosis treatment and dialysis. The building of the center consists of 8 floors, on the ground floor there is a catheterization laboratory for myocardial infarction and arrhythmias, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. The third floor is the intensive care unit, emergency care and operating rooms. On the fourth floor there are departments of the perinatal center, departments of obstetrics and neonatal intensive care, and on the fifth floor - the Department of intensive care of coronary diseases.



Dr. Shunsake Mori expressed gratitude to the delegation of Bukhara state medical Institute for the visit to the port medical center in Nagasaki and informed the members of the delegation about the center and in turn rector A. Inoyatov also expressed gratitude for the reception and stressed the importance of the center for Bukhara state medical Institute. The parties discussed a number of issues. In particular, Mr. Shunsuke Mori gave a number of advice and recommendations on the implementation of compulsory health insurance in Uzbekistan, describing the historical process of Japan's transition to this process. Bukhara state medical Institute and port medical center in Nagasaki signed a Memorandum of understanding.



At the end of the visit of the port medical center of Nagasaki, members of the delegation got acquainted with the activities of the center, in particular with the Department of dialysis, designed for 70 beds. Here members of the delegation directly communicated with the staff of the center.



On June 16, the official visit of the delegation of Bukhara state medical Institute headed by A. Sh. Inoyatov to Nagasaki ended.




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