Today, on October 16, 2019, in Bukhara, the opening ceremony of the faculties “Medicine” (General Medicine) and “Higher School of Qualified Medical Services” of the University of Medical Sciences, Republic of Turkey took place. Senior guests were: Rector of the University, Professor Jevdet Erdol, Turkish Ambassador to Uzbekistan Mehmet Sureya Er, TIKA Representative in Uzbekistan Ali Ihsan Chaglar and Rector of Bukhara State Medical Institute Abu Ali Ibn Sino, Professor A.Sh. Inoyatov cut the ribbon to mark the opening of the Turkish Medical Faculty and got acquainted with the conditions created in the faculty. The faculty is located in the campus of the morphological building of the Bukhara Medical Institute.






The opening ceremony at the Youth Palace was attended by Ministry of Bukhara state U.I. Barnoev, Minister of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Professor A.K. Shadmanov, Turkish Ambassador to Uzbekistan Mehmet Sureya Er, Rector of the University of Medical Sciences, Prof. Dr. Jevdet Erdol, Representative of TIKA in Uzbekistan Ali Ihsan Chaglar, Deputy Dean of the Turkish Medical Faculty named after Ibn Sino, Prof. Hurrem Bodur, Director of the Eurasian Research Center at the University of Medical Sciences, Dr. Ainur Feysioglu, Head of the Department for Sports, Cultural and Social Activities Mustafa Dogru, Advisor to the Rector for Press Affairs Ahmet Balji, as well as the main specialists of the regional health department, parents of students of this faculty and students.


It was noted that the goal of creating an international faculty is to improve medical education in Uzbekistan, expand relations in this area with prestigious educational centers of Eurasia, as well as fulfill the aspiration of our people to get education in medical schools of the Republic of Turkey.

Minister of the region Barnoyev, by warmly welcoming the guests, emphasized that cooperation between the Republics of Uzbekistan and Turkey, based on friendship and mutual trust, is developing dynamically and is actively being strengthened in many areas thanks to the support of the heads of the two states. He emphasized that “The opening of the international medical faculty in the homeland of the great scientist and scholar of the East, Abu Ali ibn Sino, is certainly a great occasion in the life of our nation. The opening of the medical faculty of a higher educational institution in Turkey in Bukhara reflects very well the policy of our President in the field of education and science. We want to see our youth educated, competitive, highly cultured, and also able to ensure the long-term development of our country. ”

Minister of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Professor A.K. Shadmanov in his speech noted that the goal of opening a higher professional school of medical services is to train support staff in the healthcare sector. The curriculum at the international faculty is compiled taking into account the latest achievements in the field of medicine and is aimed at the formation of knowledge, abilities and skills used throughout life, and the training of qualified support staff who will serve the good of patients' health and act as the right hand of doctors. Alisher Kayumovich, especially noted that today the first boys and girls are taking the first steps towards their future profession. He said that "Medicine is a special profession, and in addition to fundamental knowledge, in addition to practical skills, a person who devotes his life to medicine must have a sensitive soul, must be able to sympathize, must be able to empathize, hear someone else's pain."



The Turkish ambassador to Uzbekistan, the rectors of two higher educational institutions in their speeches also emphasized that this project has a great future and wished all students and their parents good health, peace and good luck.



Then there were celebrations on the occasion of launch into students. During the festivities, the students of the Turkish Medical Faculty, rectors of two universities, first wore white robes, which for each of them will become a symbol of mercy and professionalism and they took the oath.






For reference: Education at the international faculty is carried out in Turkish and Uzbek in accordance with the curricula and programs of the Turkish University, taking into account the requirements of state educational standards of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

Graduates of the international faculty will be given a diploma that is recognized as a document on higher and secondary professional education and qualification, which is established by Turkish standards.

To carry out educational activities at the international faculty, it is stated to attract the faculty of the Medical University of the Republic of Turkey and BSMI, the Medical College of Bukhara, and local medical universities of Uzbekistan.

For the 2019-2020 academic years, 80 students were accepted for undergraduate studies in the field of "Medicine" (General Medicine). As well as 66 students in all areas of the Higher Professional School of Medical Services:

- First aid - 19 students

- Physiotherapy - 22 students

- Anesthesiology - 25 students

Admission to training and certification of graduates of the international faculty is carried out in accordance with the procedure established by the Turkish University in consultation with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In training specialists in the faculty, innovative educational technologies will be applied and master classes will be held.




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